Adding the Extra to Ordinary

As an IT industry leader, our solutions offer the most advanced technology with the highest level of engineering services to leverage your business


Tailored to your needs:  an on-premise, a hosted voice, or a combination of solutions that integrate cloud services with customized communication applications. 


We are experts in advanced data center strategy:
virtualization, fabric-based infrastructure, modular design & cloud computing.


Our custom-engineered solutions optimize your resources and increase your overall system performance to provide more redundancy and flexibility for growth.


Our team will focus on understanding your business needs in order to design a specific storage and backup solution to support your business growth


On-premise or Hosted VoIP

With a VoIP system you can integrate all forms of communications running over an internet protocol. This facilitates management and mobility, increasing your productivity.

Video Presence

Video conferencing simplifies meetings, reduces travel expenses and creates a central platform for group discussions and decision-making in real time.

High Mobility Tools

Empower your employees to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can reach them by voice, Instant Messaging, video or chat. Share with your team desktop files and use conferencing tools to increase collaboration.


Increase your data availability

Secure Storage
Replicated Storage
Data Protection

For high growth businesses that need to scale their servers and be able to accommodate a wide set of applications, users and data.

No matter the issue, we'll take time to understand what works and what needs to be improved.
Our team of experts will analyze your IT infrastructure, evaluate usage and recommend best practices
that solve your particular situation.


Scalable, flexible and

Our System solutions provide flexibility to your business, while ensuring that all your information is updated, safe, and can be used at any given time. Whether you are considering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), optimizing the capabilities of a server or storage array, or you wish to migrate apps and programs to the cloud, TekScape approaches your objectives in a structured way to architect the solution that you need.

Cloud Computing

Private or public clouds offer your business the flexibility it needs to operate anywhere at anytime. Increase collaboration by allowing your team to access information from any device. Cloud-computing allows you to set disaster recovery plans and software updates to make sure your business keeps running all the time.

Cloud Computing


Provides your business with high availability for critical applications. Grow your business without space restrictions and increase the visibility to your data, apps and software. For a flexible It Infrastructure that's able to respond fast to business demands.


Tailored to your business size and needs

TekScape builds custom data-centers tailored to your resources, capabilities and expectations. We focus on your immediate needs while factoring in your future growth and ability to scale.

Data center

For high growth businesses that need to scale their servers and storage to accommodate a wide range of applications, users, and data.


Powered by the best technology available, our solutions protect your business from outside threats and provide you an environment with contingency plans that help you manage risk.

wireless technology

Wires and over-engineered technologies are outdated and costly. Our engineering team understands that your business has to run on a 21st century infrastructure. 

Are You Ready? So is our team!