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Simplify IT with Hyper-Converged Solutions

Take your business IT to the next level by modernizing your data centers. With over 40 IT partnerships, TekScape helps businesses in the Manhattan, NY area design, implement, and manage the perfect hyper-converged solutions for your specific needs.

Hyper-Converged Solutions

Hyper-converged infrastructures offer simplicity and speed, making it the best choice for companies with limited hardware expertise or IT staff. A new way of handling storage demands with agility and efficiency. Let our expert engineers at TekScape help to modernize your infrastructure. Contact us today for more information.

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Why Hyper-Converged?

The new generation of converged infrastructures, hyper-converged systems, natively collapses core storage, network and compute functions into a single software platform or appliance.

Enhance Virtual Environments and Storage

hyper-converged solutions are designed to enhance and provide ease of management to your virtual machine environments. Learn why storage professionals are adopting converged and hyper-converged technologies.

Improved Data Organization

Hyper-converged solutions are designed to integrate storage and compute functions into a single node or cluster of nodes by distributing the files for data organization and access.

Make Workload Management Easier

Not only are hyper-converged solutions quick and easy to set-up, they allow your business to scale efficiently, organize your data, and manage your workload with ease. Even with multiple data centers, businesses can manage their technologies within a single box, allowing for higher levels of consistency and visibility.

Less Assembly Required

With physical servers, you have to optimize the server and storage environment to fit the needs of each individual machine, not to mention, take a wide range of variability in needs into account.

Virtual server technology removes the complexity of variability and interoperability by combining and standardizing appliances and software-based solutions. TekScape delivers one architecture with all critical business capabilities essential for operations; such as storage, networking and virtualization.

Why TekScape

Trusted Partners
Trusted Partners

With 40+ long term partners like Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware, our services are backed by the innovation and quality of industry leaders.

Managed Services
Managed Services

IT management can be a costly and confusing endeavor. Focus on your business and let our experts monitor and manage your tech.

Flexible and Scalable
Flexible and Scalable

From small to enterprise level businesses, we work with hundreds of unique firms to build flexible solutions that scale for growth.