Today, UCaaS has become one of the most preferred methods for business communication solutions. In this quick guide, you’ll learn about how UCaaS works for businesses, top features, and why it is the preferred choice for businesses today than traditional phone systems.

‍Getting started:

· What is UCaaS?

· How it works

· What are the benefits?

· Vendor Checklist

What is UCaaS?
Unified Communications as-a-service is a business solution that is composed of communication tools and services to capture better productivity across multiple devices. The functions that UCaaS cover are telephones, unified messaging, video meetings, mobility, and business processes. VoIP is a fundamental component of Unified Communication.

UCaaS is generally adopted by companies that want to provide their workforce with unified communication and collaboration tools.

‍Unified Communication (UC) – Integrates and unifies communication.

As-A-Service (aaS) – Delivery model for cloud services and software

Essential UCaaS Functions:

· Voice + Speech Recognition + Call Control

· Video Conferencing + Meets

· File Sharing

· Messaging

· Email

· Collaboration

· Cloud-based hosting

How UCaaS works.
Unified communications as-a-service helps streamline communication across the company landscape. UCaaS works over the internet which means you don’t have to get extra VoIP hardware.

Most providers of UCaaS handle things like security, backend configuration, and phone functions. VoIP converts the sound over the phone and transmits it into data to a cloud-phone service provider. Generally, UCaaS strengthensVoIP without being complex about it. It also allows a company’s workforce to work remotely with apps on their computers and mobile devices.

The benefit of Unified Communication As-A-Service (UCaaS)
Most companies that are aware of UCaaS understand the benefits and value. Here are some of the top benefits of UCaaS from company leaders in IT.

1) Flexibility + Scalability

2) Secured Communications

3) Better Customer Experience

4) Higher Productivity

Vendor Checklist for Companies
There are many different UCaaS providers on the market, but which is best for your company?

Here’s a quick little checklist to see how vendors stack up.

Customer Service





Getting Started with Unified Communications As-A-Service
Unified communications as-a-service helps companies drive productivity with communication on a whole different level. To unify communications and streamline collaboration tools across your company helps save time and money. As more companies adopt UCaaS, most are seeing the impacts of customer experience and proactivity within the first few weeks.

At Tekscape, we’re a managed service provider (MSP) that focuses on supporting companies with technology solutions that lead toward abetter future. We want to make sure businesses have the tools to succeed, and communication is one of the biggest challenges in any business environment.

Not sure if you want to invest in UCaaS?

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