Macros are a common way for malicious actors to gain access to deploy malware and ransomware. To help improve security in Office, Microsoft announced they will change the default behavior of Office applications to block macros in files from the internet.

With this change, when users open a file that came from the internet, such as an email attachment, and that file contains macros, the following message will be displayed:

“SECURITY RISK: Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of this file is untrusted.”

If a user clicks the “Learn More,” they will be redirected to an article for end-users and information workers that contains additional details about the security risk of bad actors using macros, best practices to prevent phishing and malware, and instructions on how to enable macros (only when needed).

Tekscape will evaluate the use of macros in files obtained from the internet to determine how this new default behavior will affect users.

To learn more about this new Microsoft change and recommendations for managing VBA macros in Office files, read this article here or ask Tekscape about our business cyber security solutions and schedule a meeting with our expert.