Six Reasons you Should Work with a Managed Service Provider
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Six Reasons You Should Work with a Managed Service Provider

With businesses struggling to find and hire internal IT staff, many are opting to outsource their IT to managed service providers. Managed service providers have become the preferred IT model for businesses of all sizes. Managed service providers (MSPs) provide IT support, security, and proactive maintenance. Many of these services are too expensive for some businesses to have in-house so that is why they choose to outsource them. There is an increasing reliance on technology for all types of businesses and with it comes the need to keep up with the constant changes that come along with it.

MSPs monitor your infrastructure so you can concentrate on running your business and not have to worry about IT related issues. If you are feeling confused as to whether you need to work with a managed service provider, read these six reasons you should work with a managed service provider. Tekscape is an IT managed service provider out of New York that works with clients in the northeast.

Too much money is being spent on in-house IT services.

Hiring and training in-house IT staff can be extremely costly. The process of selecting, hiring, and training new IT staff and the purchase of their hardware can get expensive. If you choose to work with a managed service provider, you can expect the same budget each month and there are no additional costs for internal staffing. MSPs do not usually purchase hardware for their clients but they do assist in software and security installation as part of their packages.

Your business has suffered cybersecurity attacks in the past.

Many small business owners as well as larger ones are losing sleep each night worrying about cyberattacks. Having IT staff in house that monitor threats 24/7 is difficult and expensive. When you outsource your IT to a managed service provider, your security will be monitored 24/7, and responses to any attacks will be immediate. MSPs use various tools such as antivirus, intrusion detection, and prevention systems to keep their clients well protected from cyber threats. Most cybersecurity packages from MSPs offer detection, diagnosis, and corrections to the problems.

Your business has experienced downtime because of IT related issues.

Internal IT staff usually only respond to problems when something goes wrong. There are several reasons that a business may experience downtime. They can range from hardware related issues to cyberattacks like ransomware. One of the benefits of working with an MSP is that they take a proactive approach to maintenance. This is done through remote monitoring and management to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot problems before they become a bigger issue. It is estimated that downtime can cost a business as much as $500,000 per hour.

Six Reasons you Should Work with a Managed Service Provider
Service of Managed Service Providers
Six Reasons you Should Work with a Managed Service Provider

Your infrastructure is causing a decline in productivity.

MSPs are constantly monitoring your network, end user systems, and software. This helps all of these systems stay secure and ensures that they are running optimally. When everything is running optimally, there is no need for your staff to waste time while trying to fix things. MSPs can remotely access infrastructure and diagnose problems on their own while the employee continues to work as usual.

Your IT infrastructure is outdated.

Managed service providers have access to several technology solutions to fit the needs of every business. Legacy infrastructure can slow down productivity, increase the probability of data breaches, and lead to downtime. MSPs will make sure you are using the most up to date hardware and software while monitoring it for updates and changes. When the technology becomes outdated, an MSP will also make sure to handle the installation of the new equipment as well as align it with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Your business has implemented a remote or hybrid model of work.

If you have embraced a hybrid or work setup since 2020, security is a large concern now. Unfortunately, many remote workers are seen as a security risk but since 97% of employees didn’t want to return to the office full time after the pandemic, businesses need to make sure they are not going to be a risk. MSPs can educate employees on the dangers of phishing scams, password sharing, ransomware, credential theft, and more. MSPs will also handle the installation of anti-virus and anti-malware on your employee’s hardware.

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