The Advantages of Using Hosted Phone Systems

The Advantages of Using Hosted Phone Systems

Cloud based hosted phone systems or VoIP (voice over internet protocol systems) are transforming the way that businesses communicate internally and with their customers. There are many advantages of using hosted phone systems. Our platform, Aria, gives the user access to everything from physical phones to security. Aria is also a subscription based service with subscription based pricing. Customers can mix and match Aria profiles because we understand that each business has different requirements. After a quick consultation, our experts can help you to design the perfect solution for your budget and priorities. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using hosted phone systems.

There are fewer limitations when using a cloud based hosted phone system.

When you have a phone system located in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about running out of bandwidth. You can add as many lines as you want without impacting your local network. This means that any other services within your business that depend on the internet will not be disrupted. For example, if your business does a lot of video conferencing, you don’t have to worry about interruptions and lag. This is especially useful if you are streaming in several rooms at the same time.

The call quality with cloud hosted phones is superior.

Voice quality over the internet is typically better because, with the decrease in the number of phone lines, there is less of a chance for interference. Just remember that there is still a chance of interference if your internet speed is not at least 100 kilobytes per second. Be sure to check with your internet service provider before making the switch to cloud hosted phone systems. You may need an equipment upgrade, or you may have to change providers.

Hosted phone systems can lead to cost savings.

Hosted phone systems can be cheaper than traditional phone systems for two reasons. Reason one is that you don’t need to buy brand-new equipment. When you utilize a hosted phone system, you can use the equipment you already have which includes softphones, desk phones, mobile phones, and VoIP handsets. Reason number two is related to maintenance. There is usually no need to have a technician come to your location. Your internal IT staff should be able to fix the issue without needing assistance.

The Advantages of Using Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted phone systems offer great flexibility for remote teams.

If your organization has a remote team, travels a lot, or has a hybrid work option, you can still accept calls from a hosted phone system. You never need to be in the office to still get your phone calls. The reason for this is that most hosted phone systems offer software for their users. Your team that is working remotely can easily get their calls forwarded by downloading the software onto their personal devices. The provider creates the connection and will divert incoming and outgoing calls to the employee’s device.

Hosted phone systems tend to be more secure.

Over the phone social engineering attacks have increased so it is no surprise that businesses are concerned about their security. When a phone related social engineering attack takes place, a hacker can mimic your provider and request sensitive information. This data can be used to completely take over your phone system. If you want your phone infrastructure to be secure, you should utilize a hosted phone system. Hosted phone systems have extra security against hackers which includes powerful identity management tools and stronger encryption so that hackers will not be able to eavesdrop on calls.

Hosted phone systems can help increase productivity.

Employees can and will get more done with hosted VoIP. There are studies that indicate that productivity increases when mobility is increased. Employees will be able to access transcripts of voicemails via email and text which allows them to act on customer needs right away. They will also have to deal with fewer missed calls and with the data integration that comes with hosted phone systems, there will be much less confusion.

Hosted phone systems come with useful add-on features.

Hosted phone systems are flexible and can be scaled to meet your needs. Smaller businesses may want to start with just the minimal features while larger corporations may want to utilize as many features as possible. A few popular add-ons that we offer are instant messaging, call center capabilities, call recording, call reporting, receptionist software, workforce optimization, paging systems, and access to new phone models. Regardless of where your business is in terms of size, using the features associated with hosted phone systems can transform your business’s internal and external communications.

There is simpler maintenance with hosted phone systems.

When using a hosted phone system, you can reduce the reliance on third party providers to perform upgrades and maintenance to the phone system. There can be high costs and significant delays associated with working with a third-party telecommunications provider. When you partner with a provider like Tekscape, you can outsource most of the phone system’s upkeep. We manage updates, maintenance, and repairs to the infrastructure. You can also save on IT staffing while working with us. We will handle the responsibility of keeping your phone systems running perfectly.

Choosing Tekscape as your hosted phone provider.

Tekscape offers three different tiers of our cloud hosted phone system plans. These are Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each of our plans receives the following perks.

• Unlimited Calls (US & Canada)
• US-Based Support
• Automated Attendant
• Directory Assistance
• Fax Integration
• No Cost Toward National Area Codes
• Simultaneous Calls
• Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• Integration with Microsoft & Other Apps
You can learn more about Tekscape’s cloud hosted phone systems here.

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