Today, January 6th is National Technology Day. This day was created to recognize how technology has changed the world and businesses. Technology has certainly changed the world for the better and it certainly has given us things that positively improve and impact our daily lives. Information technology is a specialized technology that involves the use of hardware, software, services, and supporting infrastructure to manage and deliver information. Businesses have adopted information technology because of the many benefits that it brings. The benefits of information technology for businesses include better collaboration, cost savings, increased security, and a great customer experience.

Tekscape is an information technology managed service provider. A managed service provider is a third-party company that remotely manages a customer’s information technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), nonprofits, and government agencies hire MSPs to perform a defined set of day-to-day management services. These services may include network and infrastructure management, security, and monitoring. For National Technology Day, we will talk about the benefits of information technology for business.

How information technology can improve the communication of a business.

Communication abilities have vastly improved from the cloud infrastructure that information technology provides. Collaboration services allow communications to come through a variety of devices such as laptops and smartphones. There is no need anymore to send back and forth emails several times per day. Online communications also allow businesses to communicate with their audience from anywhere. This communication also applies to employees. Remote work has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic and shows no sign of slowing down. One of the biggest reasons for this is that collaboration technology has made it very easy to do so.

Information technology can save businesses labor costs.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, certain companies can now get work done with fewer human interactions. This is especially relevant in the manufacturing industry where AI is being more commonly used. These solutions include being able to complete repetitive tasks more efficiently and in less time. Having work automated by computers and AI results in not having to recruit more employees which will in turn, lessen labor costs.

Internet of things and reduced downtime and failures

The IOT (internet of things) and IIOT (industrial internet of things) allows businesses to find defects and weaknesses within their business assets and devices. These problems are often the cause of downtime and equipment failures. IOT and IIOT allow a business to have access to reactive maintenance which produces notifications and alerts associated with their IOT and IIOT related devices. Businesses can produce more revenue by experiencing fewer failures and downtime.

Information technology allows businesses to be more environmentally friendly.

Cloud computing has vastly improved the way that data is stored and accessed. Reports and other documents can be accessed digitally so there is no need to print physical reports. This saves trees and can also save the business money by eliminating the cost of paper. There is also no energy cost from printing. Having all your employees consistently printing reports uses a lot of energy and a lot of paper.

Cybersecurity technology keeps businesses secure from attacks

In today’s world of frequent cyber-attacks, it is essential that businesses have at least a basic cybersecurity plan in place. Fortunately, with the advancement of cybersecurity related technology, it is very easy for even the smallest businesses to implement cybersecurity protocols. Data breaches in 2022 cost businesses an average of $4.35 million dollars. This was a dramatic rise from the 2021 amount of $4.24 million. Cybersecurity technology has given businesses the tools to fight cyber threats. When working with a managed service provider like Tekscape, businesses can feel more secure with our managed security services which include:

Cybersecurity Audits and Assessments
Awareness Training
Rapid Response
DRAAS (Disaster recovery as a service)

Information technology improves the customer experience

From website ticketing systems to the use of CRMS (customer relations management systems), technology can be used to better the customer experience. Customers that are given the privilege of being able to easily communicate with their vendors through email, website chat, or even over video will be much happier than those who have to sit and wait on hold on the phone for customer service. Technology has also allowed customers to control their communication with businesses through things such as opting in for SMS messages and marketing email lists. Companies can even send customer satisfaction surveys.

About Tekscape

Tekscape is committed to providing proactive, responsive, and timely managed IT services support for our clients. We start with our comprehensive new client onboarding process designed to get your business up-and-running on our monitoring and management tools with as little disruption as possible. For over 15 years, we’ve successfully onboarded simple and complex IT infrastructure supporting multiple users including:

• Servers and Systems
• Networking
• Collaboration (Phone, Video)
• Desktop, Email and Endpoints
• Microsoft Office 365 & Azure
• Security & Disaster Recovery

As your trusted partner, Tekscape becomes your go-to-guide for technology best practices aligned with your industry and your unique business goals. Our technology solutions can help reduce operational costs, eliminate downtime and decrease overall IT spend.