Why Manufacturers Should Work With a Managed Service Provider

When a manufacturing company makes the decision to work with a managed service provider (MSP) they improve their cybersecurity, productivity, and efficiency. Experienced MSPs are very familiar with the challenges the manufacturing industry faces, including managing data, supply chain disruption, labor shortages, and keeping up with emerging technology. Managed service providers can help with these challenges in several different ways. This week’s article is on why manufacturers should work with a managed service provider to meet these challenges.

It features information on the benefits of manufacturers working with MSPs and some of the problems that the manufacturers have faced since the advent of the IIOT (industrial internet of things) devices. Though IIOT devices have improved the security and production of manufacturing facilities, it has also opened the door to challenges such as ransomware attacks, connectivity outages, and improper integrations. MSPs can help with these challenges and assist with implementing IIOT devices. Read on to learn why manufacturers should work with a managed service provider.

Can a managed service provider help a manufacturer stay compliant?

The manufacturing industry often uses advanced technology and because of this, it is held to higher regulatory standards. The rules and regulations are usually set by the following government agencies:

• EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
• FDA – Food and Drug Administration
• SEC – Security and Exchange Commissions
• CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act
• PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

A violation of any of these rules and regulations can lead to hefty fines and severe consequences for a manufacturer. As the industry becomes more digitized, the rules and regulations are going to become more prevalent. When working with a managed service provider, they will provide you with the necessary information to ensure that your manufacturing business remains in compliance. This is done by automating operations and managing data.

Why Manufacturers Should Work With a Managed Service Provider

Can managed service providers help manufacturers save costs?

Every business should always be looking for ways to minimize its costs. One of the more expensive costs can be information technology. The costs associated with IT and manufacturing include hiring, training, and labor. Unfortunately, there can also be costs related to downtime and slow productivity. Working with an MSP can help manufacturers save costs because they accurately forecast your IT spending. MSPs are always aware of all the prerequisites needed for successful IT implementation and therefore will have the costs associated with it upfront.

How can a managed service provider help manufacturers avoid downtime?

If there is downtime in the manufacturing industry, it can mean serious financial losses. Downtime can be caused by several reasons but the most common ones are: equipment malfunctions, human error, employee shortages, and poor planning. MSPs excel at mitigating downtime. They are great at identifying and resolving problems and have a decent understanding of the networks that make up a manufacturing facility. 

They can also assess risks and point out the potential consequences of problems. Before the downtime can occur, MSPs prepare in advance by planning for disruptions, setting up back up systems, and making sure employees have the knowledge to handle downtime situations.

managed service provider for manufacturing
Why Manufacturers Should Work With a Managed Service Provider

Can MSPs help my manufacturing facility with cybersecurity?

Hackers know that the manufacturing industry is slow to adapt the technology that can mitigate cyberattacks. Older infrastructure is easier to breach and an MSP can implement innovations that make a manufacturing facility less prone to cyberattacks. 

Many manufacturers store extremely sensitive data and high value information and that is why they are a prime target for cyber criminals. MSPs shield manufacturers from attacks by setting up cloud computing, offering cybersecurity training for staff, 24/7 monitoring for threats, penetration testing, and installation of security software.

What kind of support do MSPs provide for manufacturing?

Manufacturers have the tendency to operate well past the usual 9 AM to 5 PM business hours. If an information technology emergency occurs after hours and there is no internal IT team there to fix it, it can cost thousands of dollars in lost production. 

When working with an MSP, there is always a staff engineer on demand to handle after hour and weekend emergencies. For example, if a server goes down at 11 PM, an on-call engineer from the MSP will help you as soon as possible. Even with IT staff out for the holidays, an MSP will make sure you are still protected.

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