Why your business should move to the cloud

Why Your Business Should Move to the Cloud

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your IT infrastructure in 2023, adopting cloud technology is the way to go. When businesses migrate to the cloud, it allows them to expand and scale without incurring high IT infrastructure costs. In our article this week, we will be talking about why your business should move to the cloud. If you are wondering what cloud migration is, it refers to moving company data, applications, and other IT infrastructure off of internal data centers and into cloud based servers. If you are considering a cloud migration for your business in 2023 but are having trouble making the decision, read the following statistics.

• Ninety-four percent of industry professionals have adopted some sort of cloud platform.
• Spending on cloud technology has increased by 450% since 2009.
• Eighty percent of IT professionals have deployed hybrid cloud for their organizations as of March of 2022.
• The cloud service market is estimated to be $495 billion in 2022.

Read on to learn why your business should move to the cloud.

Cloud migration can help remote workers.

Offices have all had their post-pandemic reopening but most of these offices now have a hybrid or remote work model. Many of the organizations that are now allowing hybrid and remote work are using cloud technology to support these work environments. Cloud technology offers several tools that can be used for hybrid and remote work. These include tools for communication, project management, file sharing, and knowledge management. These tools remain a priority for employees because the tools allow them to work from anywhere at any time.

Cloud allows for better scalability and capacity planning.

Capacity planning can be very difficult for businesses that are in the growth stage because of cyclical change which places an indeterminable load on IT infrastructure. When businesses adopt cloud computing, it allows them to scale up or down and usage is based on demand. This allows the business to only pay for what it uses. Operational costs shrink further, and this frees up funds for other projects that generate revenue.

Integration with cloud technology

When moving your business to the cloud, you will now be able to connect systems together and therefore improve efficiency. According to a recent survey, fifty nine percent of businesses report increased productivity after moving to the cloud. Data centers face increased load and decreased efficiency over time. This means the center’s infrastructure needs to be refreshed periodically to keep its software and hardware working properly. 

This is costly, time consuming, and repetitive. When businesses migrate the applications to the cloud instead, hardware and software updates are done by the cloud provider. This saves time, money, and ensures that applications are supported by the latest infrastructure. The cloud provider can also offer remote access to manage your applications and data off site. This allows you to focus on your business and keep your team working efficiently.

Working with a cloud provider offers enhanced security.

When an organization stores its information and data centrally, the cloud offers better security than regular data centers. Cloud providers also offer built-in security features like analytics, updates, and cross enterprise visibility. They also take care of tougher security issues like keeping unwanted traffic from accessing machines in which your businesses’ apps and data reside in. Automatic updates are also applied on a regular basis by the provider to keep systems from becoming vulnerable. Even if your organization has compliance requirements or concerns, that data will also be secured in the cloud.

Why your business should move to the cloud
Why your business should move to the cloud

Cloud technology is sustainable.

Experts agree that in 2023 more companies will be leveraging the efficiency of cloud technology to meet their sustainability goals. Cloud service providers tend to collect resources across their customer base. Because of this, cloud service providers can achieve cost savings that smaller companies cannot. Applications that are run in a cloud environment versus on-premises also produce less carbon than an in-house data center.

Cloud can help organizations get the most out of their artificial intelligence investments.

The adoption of artificial intelligence has been growing as many businesses are now looking to it to improve operational efficiency. A recent survey even found that sixty four percent of high-performing companies run their artificial intelligence workloads on cloud technology. These companies are using the cloud to access more artificial intelligence capabilities such as natural language speech and facial recognition. Cloud technology also has a large amount of data storage and computing capability needed for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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