Emerging technology trends on the West Coast of Florida

The changing landscape of technology is having a tremendous impact on businesses on the West Coast of Florida. As more and more companies embrace emerging technology, it is becoming increasingly important for CIOs, CEOs, and CFOs to stay up-to-date on the latest trends to remain competitive in the marketplace. In this blog post, we’ll explore […]

Why Manufacturers Should Work With a Managed Service Provider

When a manufacturing company makes the decision to work with a managed service provider (MSP) they improve their cybersecurity, productivity, and efficiency. Experienced MSPs are very familiar with the challenges the manufacturing industry faces, including managing data, supply chain disruption, labor shortages, and keeping up with emerging technology. Managed service providers can help with these […]

Six Reasons You Should Work with a Managed Service Provider

Our Staff in Action at Delmarava Packaging Six Reasons You Should Work with a Managed Service Provider With businesses struggling to find and hire internal IT staff, many are opting to outsource their IT to managed service providers. Managed service providers have become the preferred IT model for businesses of all sizes. Managed service providers […]

Why Schools are an Easy Target for DDOS Attacks

Why Schools are an Easy Target for DDoS Attacks For some schools, the usage of technology like computers, chrome books, and tablets were being utilized before the start of pandemic related remote learning. Lockdowns accelerated the need for technology in and out of the classroom. Today, kids are back in the classroom, but technology and […]

New Phishing Scams of 2023

Phishing attacks seem to get more sophisticated and harder to spot every day. There are two new things that are allowing threat actors to create phishing methods that are extremely difficult to detect. These are the increased usage of QR codes (quick response codes) and the use of artificial intelligence applications. Along with these new […]

Five Tips on Setting Up a Remote Workforce

Five Tips on Setting Up a Remote Workforce When the pandemic first hit the United States, no one really expected that their ability to work remotely would continue into the future. What was formerly an emergency measure has become part of a new work model that involves becoming a fully remote workforce or a hybrid […]

The Biggest Risks to Cybersecurity in the Workplace

As businesses make the shift to online operations, their vulnerability to viruses, malware, and ransomware significantly increases. It is now common knowledge that businesses that have sensitive information make them a target for cybercriminals. It is safe to say that cyber threats are a matter of grave concern for many businesses and that effective cybersecurity […]

Why Employees Need Phishing Awareness Training

Tekscape is pleased to announce that we will be offering a new type of cybersecurity awareness training from our partner, KnowBe4. Our client’s employees are exposed to phishing attacks every day and to protect them and your business from the problems associated with phishing attacks, we are now offering phishing awareness training. When signing up […]

Five Simple Ways to Improve the Cybersecurity of Your Business

As the need for technology within the world of business grows, so does the threat of major cyber-attacks that can disrupt operations for weeks. Strong cybersecurity infrastructure can lessen the chance of your business falling victim to a cyber attack but implementing this may take several weeks as there are many steps to creating strong […]

Creating a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity incidents are a part of everyday life for businesses right now. Hackers are deploying ever changing technology to steal valuable data from businesses and in order for the business to combat these threats, they must have a strong cybersecurity incident response plan in place. Creating this plan might be a little overwhelming at first […]