Security Safety Tips for Working Remotely

Security Safety Tips for Working Remotely As we head into the holiday season, many of our clients will be headed out of the office for extended periods of time to celebrate with their families. These clients will be working remotely while their offices experience holiday shutdowns. Two of our most popular services are setting up […]

How to Write a Remote Work Policy

The ability to work remotely has become very common in the workplace since the pandemic started. In fact, twenty five to thirty percent of the workforce now work from home multiple days a week since 2021. With the holidays coming, it is a fair assumption that at least some of your employees will be working […]

Using UCaaS to Keep Things Running Smoothly for the Holidays

Using UCaaS to Keep Things Running Smoothly for the Holidays With the holidays coming, companies need to be able to have access to an easy to use and efficient communications system. UCaaS or unified communications as a service is a great option for businesses who are looking for a way to integrate phone, messaging, video, […]

How to Keep Your Business Secure With Employees’ Hybrid Work Schedule

How to Keep Your Business Secure With Employees’ Hybrid Work ScheduleCOVID-19 security measures started with a 2-week lockdown but turned into 2 years of remote work and a very important shift in workplace culture. But when this shift to working from home started, it had to happen quickly! Many businesses didn’t have the time to […]

What is the difference between VoIP and Unified Communications?

The need for better business communication will always be around. Roughly 40% of companies have brought digital transformation initiatives to scale and during the pandemic, the need for seamless communication between employers and clients has doubled. There are two main forms of communication that businesses are utilizing today, VoIP and Unified Communications. Both have their […]

Cloud Hosted Phone Systems vs Traditional Phone Systems

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a business that working professionals take for granted. Telecommunications has come a long way since the pandemic, and businesses are now utilizing the latest technology on the market. When it’s time to choose a phone system for your company, it may be confusing with all the […]

A Quick Guide to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Today, UCaaS has become one of the most preferred methods for business communication solutions. In this quick guide, you’ll learn about how UCaaS works for businesses, top features, and why it is the preferred choice for businesses today than traditional phone systems. ‍Getting started: · What is UCaaS? · How it works · What are […]

How Law Firms Protect Time, Data, and Revenue with Managed IT Services

As legal firms open their doors to the possibilities of tech, many are capitalizing on the present and incorporating some form of digital technology to save time, data, and revenue. In a recent study, roughly 84% of law firms mentioned that the use of legal tech increased efficiency in their organization. Within the same study, […]

Financial Services Shift Budgets to Improve Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing

The increase in cybercrime and threats continues to rise every year. Now is the time for businesses within Finance to be proactive, instead of reactive toward cybersecurity. If a company expands its technology, it only makes sense to increase security as well. As more financial services make the transition to cloud computing, budgets are shifting […]