Why Law Firms Need to Make Cybersecurity a Priority

Why Law Firms Need to Make Cybersecurity a Priority The sensitive and confidential information that law firms keep is often very attractive to cybercriminals. Cybersecurity threats are a very large concern for law firm employees. In fact, the American Bar Association surveyed its members and twenty six percent of their firms had experienced a security breach in […]

How Law Firms Can Prevent Business Email Compromise

Business email compromise is a huge issue for companies of all sizes. However, law firms are especially at risk, as they often deal with sensitive information that can be used for financial gain or extortion. In this blog post, we will discuss the various ways that law firms can prevent their emails from becoming compromised. […]

How Law Firms Protect Time, Data, and Revenue with Managed IT Services

As legal firms open their doors to the possibilities of tech, many are capitalizing on the present and incorporating some form of digital technology to save time, data, and revenue. In a recent study, roughly 84% of law firms mentioned that the use of legal tech increased efficiency in their organization. Within the same study, […]