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Cloud Hosted Phone Systems by TekscapeVoice

‍Cloud-based hosted phone systems are a newer approach to communication for businesses. Cloud-based hosted phones do not require an on-site infrastructure. Typically, this telephone exchange system is built and managed by a third-party service provider. Because cloud-based hosted phones use the internet, it is capable of high-definition voice calls and multiple features that traditional phone systems simply don’t offer. Some of the features include unified messaging, voicemail to email, unified communications, and video. Hosted VoIP helps adapt the phone system to any business of any size. Employees can work wherever they are and do not require being in the office to make business calls. This is a huge success for businesses. VoIP also stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol,” which implies a phone service over the internet.

Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

Frequently asked questions.

Solely on-premise phone systems are a long-term investment that hold higher risk of losing service and require hefty overhead, depreciation, and maintenance costs. With a cloud hosted system, Aria Hosted gives you access to everything from phones, data centers, security, to dial-tone through the cloud. All for a significantly lower subscription-based pricing.

Geographic Redundancy means that we have multiple synced data centers in separate locations (Secaucus, NJ and Plano, TX) so that if one fails, there is another to take it’s place. Meaning zero downtime.

Yes! We understand that every business has different needs, which can require unique solutions. With a quick consultation, our experts can help you to design the best solution based on your budget and priorities.

Aria Hosted supports all Cisco phones, including older legacy models. Using smartphone integrations and applications, you can also stay connected to your office network through your personal mobile devices

Long distance rates change monthly by country.

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Every cloud hosted phone systems plan will receive these perks.

  • Unlimited Calls (US & Canada)
  • US-Based Support
  • Automated Attendant
  • Directory Assistance
  • Fax Integration
  • No Cost Toward National Area Codes
  • Simultaneous Calls
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Integration with Microsoft & Other Apps
Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

Add on options: When it comes to supporting your communication, we have your back with additional phone services.

Instant Messaging


Call Recording

Call Reporting

Receptionist Software

Workforce Optimization

Paging System

New Phone Model Access

Tekscape Case Study: Gabriel & Co

After implementing Cisco Contact Center Express to support their 30 call center users, Gabriel & Co was able to improve key business metrics such as time-to-resolution and phone sales. Tekscape supported the implementation and management of the platform allowing Gabriel & Co to reduce the lead time per call to less than one minute, increasing phone sales by 8%, and keeping customer satisfaction after the sale.