Cybersecurity Audits and Assessments for Businesses by TekscapeSecure

Understand your digital landscape with the proper tools and hardware that will help reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your internal resources to navigate along your security landscape. Stay on top of cyber breaches and attacks with cybersecurity audits and assessments from Tekscape.

Reduce your company's risk to cyber threats with proactive security testing.

Prevention is an essential part of your cybersecurity defense. Choose a solution that not only allows you to respond to attacks, but also helps you prevent them. For example, a solution that discovers all points of entry and blocks malware from entering your system can prevent attacks before they even happen. Working with a managed service provider like Tekscape can provide you with regular cybersecurity audits and assessments for your business. 

Types of Cybersecurity Audits and Assessments

Elevate your organizations cyber hygiene with quality cybersecurity testing and assessments. Learn about every type of digital security test and assessment you can receive. Learn where there are gaps are within your company’s digital landscape.

Internal Penetration Testing

Emulate an attack on the inside of your network for any malicious insider.

External Penetration Testing

Emulate an attack trying to break into your network from the outside.

Email Phishing

One of the most common social engineering techniques employed in cyber attacks is email phishing.


Detect weaknesses in computers, networks, and communication.


Comprehensively review all of your information security program.


Correlate information from your security assessment.