September 15, 2022

Five Strategies for More Effective Online Learning

Five Strategies for More Effective Online Learning

Five Strategies for More Effective Online Learning

September 15th is National Online Learning Day. This special day celebrates the large array of learning opportunities that students can utilize online. Technology has started a new learning process and students have adapted very well to the environment it offers. Tekscape is a nationally recognized managed IT services provider, and we offer professional information technology support for schools. Besides offering virtual servers and desktop infrastructure, we can secure your school’s Wi-Fi environment for internal and external connectivity that never gets dropped. We also offer cybersecurity for schools with managed endpoint security, firewalls, disaster recovery testing, awareness training, and risk assessments. For National Online Learning Day, we are learning about five strategies for more effective online learning.

Five Strategies for More Effective Online Learning

Get to know the technology for online learning

In order for online learning to be effective, both students and teachers must understand the technology that goes along with it. Utilizing practice exercises is a great way to get students and teachers to try out and learn the technology. Encourage students to ask questions and to get help before the projects begin. This learning curve allows for hands on practice that will help both students and teachers alike.

Create a positive online learning environment

There are several tools available to create a positive online learning environment. One of these tools is video conferencing. Teachers that hold lectures or instruct online can connect with their students on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Classroom and these are all great options. All of these video conferencing platforms allow teachers to set specific times so that their students can log in to view a lecture or class. The platforms also allow students to collaborate together or to be taught one on one.

Teachers who cannot do live instruction due to illness or other reasons can record their lessons ahead of time. All they need is a webcam or video recording device. This allows teachers to record themselves and allows students to watch the video and learn on their own time.

Make sure parents are aware of what is involved with online learning

Even though some students may be learning outside the classroom, parental involvement still plays a huge role in their children’s academic success. Teachers should be communicating with parents throughout the school year so they can ensure that students have the proper equipment, setup, and skills needed to ensure success. Parents should also be aware of what the expectations are from their child’s teacher. Teachers who regularly communicate with their student’s parents can make them feel successful at helping their child navigate the school year online.

Keep online learning accessible

There are several ways to improve and keep the accessibility of your online learning content. One of the simplest ways is to keep the structure of your online learning consistent from week to week. This saves students from spending a lot of time figuring out where to access the most critical information they need to engage with learning. It is also important to design online learning for accessibility.

Any videos that you film ahead of time, or stream live should include closed captions. If the audio files you create for assignments do not include transcripts, it may be a good idea to offer a student extra credit to transcribe them for you. Class content must be divergent enough to be used across various technologies. It must be able to be interacted with across other learning technologies such as virtual learning elements, multimedia, and other web formats.

Always check on the emotional state of students and coworkers

It is a wise idea to check in with other staff and students if they are less than comfortable with utilizing technology. This was especially relevant in the time of COVID-19. It always helps to offer help with the use of technology or simply, an ear to listen. Self-care is also important, especially for higher education students who have decided to move their learning online. Here are some ways to take care of yourself while learning online.

• Make sure you take regular breaks

• Make time to exercise and move your body

• Keep a regular sleep schedule

• Limit distractions if you can

• Set daily and weekly goals for learning

• Take time to socialize even if it is virtually

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