August 8, 2022

How Managed IT can Lead to Cost Reduction for Law Firms

How Managed IT can Lead to Cost Reduction for Law Firms

If 2020 showed us anything, it is that businesses cannot neglect the need for technology. Customer and employee experiences can all be improved with the use of it. This is especially true with the legal industry. Many law firms have realized that running all operations in house (including information technology) while providing top notch client service is almost impossible. This is where IT managed service providers come in. An IT managed service provider (MSP) delivers services, such as network, application, infrastructure, and security. This is through ongoing and regular support and active administration on customers' premises, in their MSP's data center (hosting), or in a third-party data center.

Statistics on the use of technology in law firms

• 85% of legal professionals are using software to manage their firms.

The 2021 Legal Trends Report found 95% of lawyers plan to continue the use of technology that came with the pandemic. This is a clear indication that adopting technology has become routine for most law firms.

• 59% of lawyers are using web-based software solutions

Many law firms are now turning to cloud computing for success. 59% of participants in the 2020 American Bar Association Technology Survey Report said that they prefer web-based software and solutions.

• 89% of legal professionals believe court systems can be improved with better access to technology.

A majority of legal professionals indicate that using more technology could lead to positive changes in the court. Processes such as moving case management and court files to electronic systems increases efficiency and affordability which improves access to justice.

• 79% of clients want the option to work remotely with their lawyer.

In a survey conducted by the 2021 Legal Trends Report, 79% of participants saw the option to work remotely with a lawyer as an important factor in the hire process. In 2018, only 23% of consumers were open to the idea of working remotely. Shifting consumer demands has standardized Zoom and Teams consultations.

Tekscape has been a managed service provider for law firms since 2007. One of the greatest things about hiring an MSP for a law firm is the reduction in costs. Working with an MSP saves costs on labor and equipment. MSPs can also improve employee and process efficiency. Read on to learn how managed IT can lead to cost reduction for law firms.

Law firms that use managed service providers do not have to worry about employing in house IT

Small and large firms that make the decision to employ in house IT, may end up paying out $100,000 in salary annually. Having in house IT also means you will have staff that is not available 24/7/365. You also gamble on whether the staff you hire possess the knowledge needed to support all of your technology. Hiring a managed service provider will give your firm access to round the clock support from certified IT specialists.

Disaster recovery as a service can lessen downtime for law firms

Power outages, phishing attacks, and hurricanes, oh my! All these disasters can lead to business downtime and loss of revenue. A managed service provider often offers disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Disaster recovery as a service is a cloud-based environment that allows regular backups of data to an external server that the managed service provider hosts. If there is a disaster whether natural or human error, a copy of your firm’s data can be recovered from the MSP’s cloud server. Downtime is minimal and recovery time is quick.

Save money on law firm technology fixes with routine maintenance

Paying for technology fixes as they appear is usually less cost effective than having a managed service provider perform regular proactive maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep things running smoothly and avoids a catastrophic and costly failure in the future. Think of it as keeping your car’s oil changed. Changing it regularly keeps it running well. A good mentality with law firm technology is that even if it is not broken, you might want to fix it.

Managed IT can improve operational efficiencies within law firms.

Using technology has brought substantial efficiency to law firm operations which, in turn, uses improved cost efficiencies. Legal research, e-billing- financial management, and document management can all be done with technology. Managed service providers can implement this infrastructure and the firm can still control everything in house. An overwhelming majority of firms (91%) are now offering electronic billing and 82% are using technology for financial management.  

Using a managed service provider allows a law firm to have predictable budgeting

Many managed service providers offer monthly payments and packages. The MSP will often let the client know ahead of time exactly what monthly costs will be and the services for which they are paying. This will allow the law firm to plan for monthly IT expenses as opposed to being surprised by ones that suddenly pop up. Plus, with a managed service provider regularly maintaining your technology, there is less of a chance something will break.

Managed service providers help law firms stay compliant.

Law firms hold a large amount of sensitive data. Protecting this data also involves staying on top of the ever-changing environment of legal data and compliance regulations. Failing to stay in compliance can result in considerable damage to your reputation and cost you a lot in monetary damage. Partnering with a managed service provider such as Tekscape ensures that your data will stay protected and that your firm remains in compliance with your specific sector and geography.

Stay focused on your law firm instead of IT with a managed service provider.

In the growing market of the legal industry, everyone has a part to play. Law firm employees should not have to worry about managing information technology. Hiring a managed service provider means you can focus on growing the law firm and obtaining new business. This will help to increase revenue. MSPs will manage your technology and protect your firm from threats while you stay focused on running it.

Tekscape has been a nationally recognized managed IT services provider since 2007, headquartered in New York City. Currently, we operate via two physical locations in the United States. Based on our engineers’ deep technical knowledge and leveraging our strategic relationships with the world’s leading cloud providers, Tekscape excels at supporting companies globally with information technology solutions. Tekscape services include managed IT, managed security services, cloud computing, network, advisory services, compliance, and collaboration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect companies with technology solutions that build toward a better future.

Over the years, Tekscape’s strong leadership and project management have earned the company a valuable reputation as a trusted partner with some of the best technology brands. As a leader in IT projects and management, Tekscape provides experience, independence, professionalism, and high-quality services to clients in the most demanding environments. Tekscape is a hands-on type of company and known for its technical competence and strategic thinking toward client projects.

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