August 22, 2022

How to Have a Good Quality Video Call

How to Have a Good Quality Video Call

Video calling and conferences have continued to rise in popularity even after COVID lockdowns. With many employers now offering a hybrid work option, being able to have a high-quality video call connection and experience is extremely important. There are several factors that influence whether a video call will have a quality connection without problems. Whether you have a small or large business, Tekscape can assist you in setting up video conferencing on Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex. We can help you engage with clients, team members, or prospects with high quality video meetings made simple with network connectivity and noise removal technology.

Four Things that Can Cause Poor Video Call Quality

Bad Wi-Fi signals and video calls

If you have a network that lacks strength and stability, there is a high probability that you’ll have a poor-quality video call as a result. Many internet service providers have made changes to enhance the range and consistency of Wi-Fi but there is still a possibility of a weakened signal from older equipment or interference from other devices. Whatever the reason, a bad internet connection can turn your video call into a pixelated and delayed mess. First impressions are always the most important and if that first impression is on a video call that consistently drops or has low quality, it may not be the best impression you can make.

Always check these three things when dealing with video call problems on Wi-Fi.

• Check your bandwidth

• Lower your configured video quality

• Disconnect unnecessary devices

An overworked computer processing unit and video call quality

A computer’s central processing unit (CPU) is the biggest component of the processes that run on that computer. When a CPU is consistently overworked, your computer may start to work improperly. Signs that your CPU is being overworked are freezing programs, sluggishness, bad video quality, and heat to the touch. Another cause of an overworked CPU is running too many apps and using programs designed for a faster computer. If your video quality is suddenly bad, you may want to make sure you are not overworking your computer’s central processing unit.

Camera and microphone issues that cause video problems

Human error is responsible for a lot of video and audio problems. If picture quality is subpar, there might be fingerprints on the camera or just general dirt on the lens. Sometimes poor video quality can also be caused by a subpar webcam. If audio quality seems to be lacking, the user could be covering the microphone unintentionally with their fingers. If there is no audio at all, the user may want to check if the device they are using is recognizing the microphone.

A low battery on a laptop or phone can cause video conferencing to shut off

If a laptop or phone battery is low, it will more than likely go into power saving mode. When a device switches into power saving mode, it will select certain features to shut off in order to prevent the remaining battery from draining too quickly. While this feature has certain advantages, it can also impair the device’s ability to perform well during video calls.

Do These Four Things to Ensure a Good Video Call

Clean the camera and microphone before the call

If the device has a built-in camera and microphone, take a few minutes to wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth before the call begins. This will remove smudges and dust that could block audio or obscure the video view. It is always a good idea to test video and audio quality prior to the call. Just be sure to allow enough time before the call’s scheduled time to troubleshoot problems.

Hardwire your device for the video call if possible

Though hardwiring a laptop is considered inconvenient these days, the connection is often much faster and more reliable than a wireless connection. Users often do not notice their wireless internet speed while doing simple things such as browsing and checking email. Using ethernet has much better capabilities when streaming video as opposed to regular Wi-Fi. Again, it is important to always check the connection when using a hard wired one before the call starts.

Get in the habit of closing all other tabs and apps before starting the video call

With the number of apps and programs available to our phones and computers, it is easy to forget the amount of them that might be opened when jumping on a video call. Having too many of them open when a meeting is going can cause the devices central processing unit to become overworked. This will lessen the quality of the video call.

Check bandwidth before joining a video call

One of the problems that occurred when people worked from home during the pandemic was that video calls were often poor quality because everyone in the house used the same connection. People were trying to have fifty person Zoom meetings while the rest of their family were watching Netflix or participating in other high bandwidth activities. If video quality is bad or the calls keep dropping, it is a good idea to ask others to hold off on using the connection until the call is done.

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