March 25, 2021

Improving Client Communication for Legal Firms in 2021

Improving Client Communication for Legal Firms in 2021

In 2021, legal firms are making huge strides toward digital transformation. The race to digital continues this year as more firms aim toward being client-driven and raising the bar on communication. As firms continue to update communication platforms for mobile and computers, many are learning about the hidden benefits that come with streamlining processes.

Communication is one of the most important aspects for any company. Whether employees communicate together or with clients, there needs to be a certain standard in play to get the job done and across the finish line.Before anything can be done, there needs to be a foundation for communication within any firm.

Foster Culture

The first aspect to improving communication across your legal firm is to foster an informative culture. Clients and employees want to be informed when new products, services, or news arrives. Keeping people-informed on new information can be the first step toward improving the knowledge aspects of any employee. Fostering a positive culture can come in many shapes and sizes but it can be the little things that go a long way like keeping your office door open for anyone to walk in.

Encouraging employees to throw new ideas in the next meeting or asking teammates to make it clear that they have an opinion on a topic are little practices that boost confidence and improve communication across the board. Getting teammates active and social are key indicators that employees are ready to interact with clients.

Create Guidelines & Expectations

Build guidelines and expectations for client communication with your team. Getting your company goal across to your team may sound easy but sometimes it can be harder that one thinks. Setting expectations provides a road map for teammates when interacting with clients and helps provide a sense of direction that helps both parties achieve their goal.

Questions to ask yourself:

- What is the primary communication channel?

- How hold should you take till you respond to a client?

- How do employees engage with clients outside of working hours?

- If a client has a question, who is the first to respond?

Using Technology to Communicate Properly

The landscape of business communication has changed over the years. In 2021, legal firms need to cover all their bases when it comes to being able to communicate with clients. Creating a safe and private environment for confidential conversations are crucial to getting the job done.

There are many ways to communicate with clients but the main ones to cover are phone, website chat, video meets, and email. Enhancing the technology behind these forms of communication will provide key insights andKPIs that help toward better company decisions overall.

Best practices for communication with video technology:

- Video meet when necessary. Not all conversations need to be over video.

- Provide mock run-through video meetings with teammates.

- Structure your digital communication process with teammates.

- Use headsets to avoid background noise.  

Best practices for communication with phone systems:

- Call clients every so often and check in with them.

- Return phone calls within a reasonable time.

- Train staff on the company method to handling a phone call.

- Create a process for acquiring client information through mobile.

Best practices for communication with email:

- Always double check if the email is correct.

- Practice positive messaging to clients and employees.

- Try to avoid sending confidential information.

- Make sure to always check your grammar and spelling. *Use tools like Grammarly

Best practices for communication with your website:

- Only provide the essential fields in your“contact us” web form.

- Appoint 1-2 staff members as a first line of communication for a web inquiry.

- Make sure to tag the right staff when there is a web inquiry for visibility.

- Set up processes to who touches what aspect of client issues.

With the right combination and foundation in place, legal firms can create a successful business through communication. Technology and culture help create the foundation to stronger communication and better experiences. When it comes to supporting companies with technology, Tekscape is one of the most trusted within companies on the east coast.

Tekscape provides businesses with technology solutions that support the overall infrastructure to a business. They cover everything from network infrastructure builds to video communication tools and hosted phone systems. If you would like more information on how to set your team with with the right communication tools, reach out today.

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