August 3, 2022

Video Conferencing Services for Remote and Hybrid Businesses

Video Conferencing Services for Remote and Hybrid Businesses

The Covid 19 pandemic changed the way that businesses communicate and collaborate with their employees. Before the pandemic, only six percent of employees worked from home. In spring of 2020, during the pandemic, that percentage increased to thirty five percent. With this change came the increase in the need for collaboration tools for business. Meetings moved to Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Business leaders turned to tools such as Microsoft Office 365 to communicate and help their employees stay productive.

Fast forward to 2022 and many of these businesses now have a remote/hybrid option for workers. With the number of collaboration tools that are currently available, it is now possible to run a business fully remote. There are three key things that a business will need to either run fully remote or support a hybrid workforce. These are a video conferencing option, collaboration productivity software, and a cloud phone system. Tekscape offers all three of these and we are going to go over the benefits of each in today’s article on three of the best collaboration tools for businesses.

Video conferencing service for remote and hybrid businesses

Eighty percent of company leaders made the decision to allow employees to work from home in some capacity after the pandemic began to wind down. With this change, video conferencing is here to stay. Whether you just started your business and you plan to have a remote workforce, or your established business needs a video conferencing option, Tekscape offers three different options for video conferencing software. We can help you with securely setting up Zoom, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams. When video conferencing is set up properly, it can reduce distractions, lessen the possibility of a dropped connection, and offer improved sound quality.

You can also conduct other types of business with video conferencing. You can use it to conduct interviews, host webinars, and conduct online training. It can also be used to boost morale because seeing other people face to face improves communications and connects teams. Studies have shown that seeing people’s expressions, even when on video can help remote employees become better connected to their peers. It is a proven fact that the human brain processes images sixty thousand times faster than text. Video conferencing is also cost efficient as it eliminates the need for employee travel expenses. You can communicate with people across the world without ever stepping foot inside an airport.

Microsoft Office 365 for collaboration and productivity

When people think of collaboration, they never think of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office 365 has now changed that with its cloud-based suite. Microsoft Office 365 includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote, and Teams. Due to the fact it is cloud-based, Microsoft Office 365 can also be used on Macs, Android, and IOS. It has all the tools to collaborate with coworkers anytime and anywhere. Office 365 has two major competitors, OpenOffice and Google Workspace; however, they still lack the level of features, functionality, and ease of use that Office 365 has.

Cloud hosted phone systems for businesses

A hosted phone system is a great option for anyone who wants a traditional office phone system without expensive costs for hardware. Our cloud-based phone systems include a VoIP (voice over IP) phone structure that is connected to an off-site data center. With the VoIP phone system, you get several perks.

-Unlimited Calls (US & Canada)

- US-Based Support

- Automated Attendant

- Directory Assistance

- Fax Integration

- No Cost Toward National Area Codes

- Simultaneous Calls

- Service Level Agreement (SLA)

- Integration with Microsoft & Other Apps

Installing a VoIP phone system is easy because it is all done online. This makes it a great option for remote teams and highly active businesses because there is no need for anyone to come out to the office to get it started. You can also get remote support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year for cloud phone systems. These phones are also cheaper than traditional alternatives because of two reasons. Number one is that you do not need to purchase a large amount of equipment. With cloud phone systems, you can use equipment you already have such as softphones, desk phones, IOS, Android, and VoIP handsets.

Tekscape collaboration services

Drive higher productivity with (UCaaS) unified communications as a service, with hosted phones, file sharing, messaging, and video conferencing. No matter where your team works, you can communicate and collaborate in real time. Reap the rewards that come with effective communication. Elevate productivity with secure, scalable, unified communications and collaboration.

About Tekscape

Tekscape has been a nationally recognized managed IT services company since 2007, headquartered in New York City. Currently, we operate via two physical locations in the United States. Based on our engineers’ deep technical knowledge and leveraging our strategic relationships with the world’s leading cloud providers, Tekscape excels at supporting companies globally with information technology solutions. Tekscape services include managed IT, managed security services, cloud computing, network, advisory services, compliance, and collaboration.

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