August 3, 2022

What is disaster recovery as a service and what can it do for my business?

What is disaster recovery as a service and what can it do for my business?

In today’s business environment, there is no tolerance for downtime. Downtime leads to a significant decrease in production and revenue. Many instances of downtime are a result of data loss from a disaster. With the increase of cyberattacks and natural disasters, it is becoming imperative that businesses move to a cloud-based solution that allows them to recover data quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster. This is where disaster recovery as a service (DRaas) comes in. DRaaS is a third-party cloud environment that provides a solution that allows where a business can operate remotely in case of a data loss disaster. We will explore the definition of disaster recovery as a service further on in this article.

What disasters does DRaaS cover?

Cyber threats are a growing threat to business continuity. Ransomware is one of the more common attacks which results in data loss, regulatory fines, and damage to reputation. It is often called the nail in the coffin attack for businesses. When a ransomware attack occurs, you have two options, pay the ransom and hope that you get your data back or replace the infected system and data with a clean copy. The second option can only be achieved through disaster recovery as a service. Ransomware can also lead to significant company downtime but employing DRaaS can strengthen the overall IT stance and allow the business to recover more quickly.

Disaster recovery as a service also covers the potential data loss from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. Power loss from electrical failure or the weather can also lead to data loss but like natural disasters, disaster recovery as a service will cover the data loss from these incidents as well. Human error can also destroy hardware and data. For example, a spilled cup of coffee can wreck a laptop, or an employee unknowingly clicks a phishing email and infects the system server with malware.

What is disaster recovery as a service and what can it do for my business?

Disaster recovery as a service or DRaaS is a cloud computing model that allows a business to back up its data and infrastructure to a third-party environment. It is part of a SaaS (software as a service) solution that allows the owner to regain access and functionality to the data and IT infrastructure after a disaster. Because this is an as a service model, the business doesn’t have to manage the process for disaster recovery. It is dependent solely on the service provider. Tekscape is a national IT managed service provider and is able to provide on-demand virtual desktop support, virtualization, storage, and secured recovery. Ensure privacy and reliability with quality customer support when the time comes. With our DRaaS plan, we offer the following benefits and services.

• (Benefit) Reduces Overall Costs

Reduce hardware, software, licensing, maintenance, and hosting costs.

• (Benefit) 24/7 Customer Support & Management

Gain full support and transparency over every process toward data recovery.

• (Service) Recovery Point Objective

Measure back in time to when your data was preserved in a usable format.

• (Service) Recovery Time Objective

Gain RTO and understand the allowable amount of time a system can be down.

How does disaster recovery as a service work?

There are three steps in the process which provide failover in the event of a disaster.

Replication: Data from the business is duplicated and sent to a service provider who hosts it remotely. Any replication that is performed must include a virtual and physical server which delivers a hybrid solution as most organizations have infrastructure that relies on both.

Failover: End user access moves to a secondary site hosted on a server by the managed service provider.

Failback: Data moves from the managed service provider’s server back to the primary site.

Start this replication processes as soon as failback is done to endure continuing protection.

The 3-2-1 back up rule with DRaaS

Many organizations decide to embrace disaster recovery as a service because of the 3-2-1 rule. This rule stipulates that for total data protection in the event of disaster, your business must have the following things.

• Three copies of your data, a production version and two backups

• Two formats of your backup, these but are limited to things such as a network drive, external hard drive or Cloud.

• Whichever backup method you choose, one must be stored offsite. This is why picking the Cloud should always be one of the choices.

The benefits of DRaaS for businesses

We offer disaster recovery as a service for the manufacturing industry, law firms, financial firms, and educational facilities. Disaster doesn’t discriminate, it can affect any business at any time, therefore,it is important to know that DRaaS can be utilized by any industry. The five most common reasons a business may want to hire a managed service provider to handle DRaaS are as follows.

1. Cybersecurity attacks

2. On premise power outages

3. Hardware and network failures

4. Software and IT system errors

5. On premise data center failures

Set up a disaster recovery plan and backup data to avoid costly interruptions.Make sure your business is safe with Tekscape's Disaster Recovery as a Service. Prepare for tomorrow by planning today. Contact us.

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