Drive workforce productivity with Unified Communications as a Service

No matter where your team works, communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere with a dedicated hosted phones & video systems. Strengthen productivity with secure, scalable, unified communications and collaboration. Read our quick guide to UCaaS to learn more.

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Business Communication made easy

Features and benefits with
Unified Communications

With unified communications as a service by Tekscape, businesses gain access to the benefits of a converged IP communications network without needing to manage or maintain a system.

hd audio phone

Aquire HD Cloud-Hosted Phones

Schedule, call, and collaboration with clear HD voice.

video conferencing

Gain Video Conferencing Tools

Meet face-to-face with multiple participants.

unified messaging

Capture Unified Messaging

Centralize and unify your messaging.


Communication that Scales

Scale your business properly and deploy faster.

greater ROI

Support Greater ROI

Benefit from predictable pricing powerful KPIs.

secure connections

Strengthen and Secure Connections

Know your team is protected no matter where they sign in.

better productivity

Influence Better Productivity

Improve workforce productivity with communications platforms.

strong user experience

Strengthen User Experiences

Give your workforce the tools to be bold and confident.

cloud environment

Foster a Cloud Environment

Utilize the latest cloud environment for your platforms.

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video chat tools
Easy collaboration tools

Gain video collaboration tools and chat between your in-house team and your remote workforce

No matter where you are, we empowered the way you work. We use tools to enhance user experience through videoconferencing solutions, voice, and instant messages.  
Whether collaborating with coworkers or building relationships with potential new customers, you need to provide users with communication tools that are able to instantly connect people regardless of location in a way that is as personal and interactive as a face-to-face meeting.

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get hd phone
Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems

Gain HD voice & video VoIP phones for any business location

Our unified communication systems allow companies to call and video chat at any time. Today’s business environment requires a range of communication styles and workspaces. Our team can also build your cloud environment to host each phone under one roof.

Choose from a list of HD-featured desk and conference phones. Enjoy hundreds of integration possibilities and strengthen communication across every department and location.

Phone Pricing Options
message, call, and file share
Microsoft Products + Unified communication

Message, video chat, call, or file share, all-in-one place.

Empower employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere, on any device. Give your team Microsoft Teams & Office Suite. Centralize your setup and management of devices for better visibility and faster workflows.

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