Security awareness training made simple, efficient, and fun.

Increase your workforce's cyber awareness while making it fun for your team in the process. Let's get your employees on the front lines against cyberattacks.

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Program Features and Benefits

Make sure your employees are getting the most out of their cyber experience.

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Engaging Security Training & Assignments

Give employees quality training and assignments to increase activities that reduce cyberattacks.


Phishing Testing

Launch simulated phishing tests for your employees.

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Cyber Awareness Content

Gain access to premium content around cybersecurity best practices and give employees what they need to improve security.

enterprise security

Employee Prediction Security Risk

Understand your landscape when it comes to employee risk and prevention.

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Reduce Liability Costs

Cyberattacks are very expensive. Reduce the liability of spending more in the future.

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Improved Cyber Hygiene

Improve your company culture around cyberattack prevention. It starts with your team.

employee education

Give your employees and company the power to protect from cyberattacks.

Reduce the risk of human error when it comes to cyberattacks. Employee education is crucial in the development of cyber hygiene and awareness. Even with email security in place, attackers can try to bypass to operate within your email network. One of the most common issues to letting cyberattacks happen is through human error. Our engaging program will help turn employees into a proper defense line.

A program designed to engage employees, elevate culture, and raise the bar with cyber hygiene.

Deploy what you need within minutes and get the support necessary to install and manage switches at a scale. With Tekscape to support you, we make sure you are in good hands when it comes to your network.

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