Give life to any workplace with Virtual Desktops


Tekscape offers VDI as a service for organizations that want to excel in hybrid environments

Give your employees the best virtualized desktops on the market for better workflow and stronger synergy, no matter where your team works. Enable frictionless experiences across any workspace and give access to apps and data they need to get the job done.

vdi for businesses

Our TekCloud Workspace provides your team with remote desktop access any time, anywhere.

Learn about the benefits that come with implementing a VDI solution.

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Boost Productivity

Gain every business application and data needed for the job.

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Lower IT Costs

Save overall costs when having your VDI managed for easy deployment.

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Enable Users Everywhere

Adapt to the changing needs of an increasingly flexible workplace.

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Secure Sensitive Data

Protect private company information from any location.

Power new ways to collaborate in any environment with VDI solutions

Unlock the power of a virtual desktop solution.

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Boost remote work productivity while keeping files secure with Virtual Desktops
No matter where your team works, make sure your team can connect to business essentials to get the job done. With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) employees have no need to save company data on a personal device.
Stay connected with your team and scale when it comes to onboarding employees
Managing employee technology can get complex and steer you away from your primary duty. Leverage a managed service provider like Tekscape to help deploy new technology for employees.
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