Arma Cybersecurity

Managed IT Security Made Simple

Arma is a suite of managed cybersecurity services that provides intelligence, detects threats, protects your endpoints, and responds before serious damage can be done


Arma Service Packages


The Arma Way


Strengthen your Email Security


Of Malware comes from Email

  • Communicate Securely while combatting malware and spam
  • Live threat intelligence uncovers and blocks malicious domains, URLs, and IPs
  • Full visibility into potential vulnerabilities in your first line of security

The Competition


Of organizations are unable to determine cause of breach

100 Days

Industry average time to detection


Of organizations say attacks evaded existing preventative tools


Arma Essential

Retrospective Security

Understand where and when your network was breached with Retrospective Security

13 Days

Eliminate your virus swiftly and efficiently with a detection time of 13 Days

Continuous Monitoring

Record all file activity to immediately know when a file becomes malicious


Add a Next-Generation Firewall to Your Layered Security

Build a line of defense from network to endpoint

  • Fully integrated threat-focused firewall, that delivers a comprehensive and unified policy management of all firewall functions
  • Application control, threat perception, and advanced malware protection
  • Visibility into client-side apps and operating systems,
    mobile devices, virtual machine communications, and network devices


Build a Line of Defense from Network to Endpoint

Network Visibility

  • Complete visibility of network traffic
  • Network telemetry, data exfiltration, and logs


  • Contain hosts generating anomalous traffic
  • Notify internal IT of compromised machine

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