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We address vulnerabilities in your technology environment to protect your business throughout the entire attack continuum.
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Network Visibility

Network Visibility

Potential threats (such as malware, spam, viruses and other cyber attacks) are hard to identify, diagnose, and resolve before they spread to affect more machines and data sources. Each slowdown, delay, or missed connection can lead to significant lost time and resources.

Tekscape helps businesses accelerate and improve threat detection, incident response, and forensics across an entire network, including encrypted traffic.

See the whole of your network and gain insights into preventative and predictive analytics to save your business before an attack.

No IT team?

We can manage the solution for you, setting up automated alerts, and providing you valuable recommendations to improve your network for long-term growth.

Extend network visibility
Extend your network visibility
Speed up incident response
Speed up incident response and forensics
Grow your digital business
Secure a growing digital business
Email Security

Email Security

Creating a Secure Workspace

Chances are, your workforce uses email regularly to get things done, making email security a vital part of keeping your business safe.

Strengthen your defense against phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware with Cisco email security solutions.

Strengthen your defense against phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware with industry leading email security solutions.

Cisco Email Security for Microsoft Office 365

Enhance email security for Office 365, with continuous analysis of potential threats preventing ransomware attacks.

Download the infographic: Top Three Reasons Office 365 Customers Choose Cisco Email Security

Top three reasons Office 365 customers choose Cisco email security
Web Security

Web Security

Predictive intelligence uncovers attacks before they launch.

Allow safe, secure web access for all users.

Our web security solutions are delivered from the cloud, protecting all of your users as the first line of defense against threats on the internet. Learn about Cisco Umbrella’s cloud-delivered products.

With URL Filtering you can prevent access to high-risk website categories and protect against malware and phishing, while enabling proxy avoidance. Learn more about URL filtering.

Cisco Umbrella + Cloudlock

Infrastructure and data that was once housed within the organization, has now moved to the cloud.

Learn how Cisco Umbrella and Cloudlock can enable visibility and protection for your cloud-connected organization.

Read the Cisco Solution Brief

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a Cisco secure Internet Gateway in the cloud that acts as a first line defense against threats on the internet. Because Umbrella is delivered from the cloud, it is the easiest way to protect all your users in minutes.

Web defense
First Line of Defense Against Threats

Block malware, phishing, and command & control callbacks over any port or protocol—before threats reach you.

Web visibility and protection
Visibility & Protection Everywhere

Protect internet access across all devices on your network, all office locations, and roaming users.

Web integrations
Integrations to Amplify Existing Investments

Integrate with existing tools and feeds to extend protection and enrich your incident response data.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Protect your endpoints with next-generation firewalls to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats.

  • Stop Malware, exploits, and ransomware before they can compromise endpoints
  • Eliminate blind spots: Our solutions provide a holistic view of your endpoints, regardless of the operating system
  • Discover unknown threats: Continuous monitoring, analyzing and recording all activity to uncover malicious behavior.
Advanced Malware Protection
Next-Gen Firewall

We combine a proven network firewall with the industry’s most effective next-gen IPS and advanced malware protection, so you can get more visibility, flexibility, save more, and .

Next Gen Firewall
Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Advanced defense for advanced attacks. By using threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing, and real-time malware blocking, we can quickly detect, contain, and remove malware.