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IT Transformation

Simplify your IT infrastructure with our Optimized IT solutions for the speed and scalability you need to grow your business.

ESG Study: Real results from IT transformation

Metrics that matter to you from DellEMC's ESG report on business performance with modernized IT infrastructures

A study of 1000+ IT leaders showed companies with more mature levels of IT transformation are can better compete in today's digital economy.

more likely to exceed revenue goals
more likely to see IT as a competitive differentiator
more likely to see strong competitive position
less spent per mission-critical applications
more IT projects completed ahead of schedule
more likely to release apps ahead of schedule
more likely to exceed revenue goals
as likely to have excellent progress in running IT as a profit center
of projects completed under budget

Cloud Computing


More and more businesses are leveraging hybrid cloud computing in order to transform and optimize their IT infrastructure.

Tekscape can help you modernize your business by implementing key cloud components you need to optimize your IT infrastructure.

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Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centers.

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Hybrid cloud computing promotes IT transformation

Source: "Hybrid Cloud Computing: The Great Enabler of Digital Business," IDG Strategic Marketing Services, DellEMC

Reduce IT Costs
Reduced IT costs by an average of 24%
Business innovation
Over 10% of IT savings funds business innovation
Reach Business Goals
3x more likely to reach overall business goals
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Hyper-converged Technologies

Hyper-Converged: The most efficient and effective way to modernize your IT infrastructure.

All-in-one storage, compute, and network platforms simplify, speed up, and radically transform the traditional IT process of building things out component by component.

How to get started with HCI

Is it about time to get serious about your infrastructure? Have a quick chat with our IT specialists to see what you can do to save money and increase efficiency with HCI.

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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is Poised to Take Over [Free e-Guide]

Hyper-converged technologies are growing and set to take over the IT infrastructure market.

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Modernizing with Hyper-Converged Systems

Source: "The Business Value of Modernizing Infrastructure with Hyper-Converged Systems," IDC International Data Corporation

Better ROI with HCI
Average 6x better ROI over five years since HCI modernization
Lower Costs
Lower costs and operations by 59%
Reach Business Goals
Highly scalable, without compromising performance
Launch Applications Faster
Launch applications 5X faster while reducing error
IDC Report "The Business Value of Modernizing Infrastructure with Hyper-Converged Systems"


Transforming the Data Center

Virtualization can be considered as the first step in your IT transformation as it enables IT organizations to run more than one virtual system - and multiple operating systems and applications - on a single server.

Using VMware technology, we provide a comprehensive virtualization solution to help you balance your workloads and optimize performance.

Modernizing the Data Center

Understand the new demands facing IT organizations, recognize the challenges in building a modern data center, and modernize your data center thought virtualization, automation, and orchestrations.

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