Network Infrastructure

Spend less time and budget on maintenance and more on innovation. By optimizing your network infrastructure, we can simplify operations, lower costs, and give your network the flexibility and security you need.

Cisco Data Center Analytics

Cisco Data Center Analytics

Based on industry-trusted Cisco technology, we provide you with data analytics on application behavior and dependencies. Machine learning can help build dynamic hierarchy models for all your applications, enabling segmentation and automatization.

Network Security

When it comes to security we can build a robust security around your data center network providing you an integrated protection that’s dynamic and intelligent to defend you against today’s sophisticated attacks. Some benefits of our solution

Advanced Threat detection
Advanced Threat Protection

Always get the latest intelligence and integrated defense for better and stronger security.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage

Guarantee protection across virtual, physical, cloud and SDN architectures.

Security Intelligence
Security Intelligence

Industry-leading analysis keeps you informed and protected.

Data Center Switching

Using Cisco Unified Fabric we can build a holistic network architecture comprising switching, security and professional services that are designed for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

1) Simplified automation by an application-driven policy model

2) Centralized visibility with real-time application monitoring

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