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Cisco Product Recall

Clock Signal Component Issue Overview

Cisco’s strategy is focused on helping customers be successful. They strive to deliver technologies and services that exceed customers’ expectations, and meet rigorous quality and customer experience standards.

Recently, Cisco became aware of an issue related to a clock signal component manufactured by one supplier. Although the Cisco products with these components are currently performing normally, they expect product failures to increase over the years, beginning after the unit has been in operation for approximately 18 months. Once the component has failed, the system will stop functioning and will not boot. These components are also used by other companies.

We have identified all Cisco products that have this component and worked with the supplier to quickly put a fix in place. All products shipping currently do not have this issue.

To support our customers and partners, Cisco will replace products that have this component for those customers with products under warranty or covered by any valid services contract dated as of November 16, 2016.

As a Cisco partner, TekScape can help you in this process by mitigating any possible risk to your IT infrastructure and information. Our team of expert engineers will assist you in having a contingency plan in place, so this replacement doesn't affect your datacenter performance.
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Products With Impacted Components

Product Family Product IDs (PIDs)
4300ISR C1-CISCO4321/K9, C1-CISCO4331/K9, C1-CISCO4351/K9, ISR4321/K9, ISR4321-AX/K9, ISR4321-AXV/K9, ISR4321-SEC/K9, ISR4321-V/K9, ISR4321-VSEC/K9, ISR4331/K9, ISR4331-AX/K9, ISR4331-AXV/K9, ISR4331-SEC/K9, ISR4331-V/K9, ISR4331-VSEC/K9, ISR4351/K9, ISR4351-AX/K9, ISR4351-AXV/K9, ISR4351-SEC/K9, ISR4351-V/K9, ISR4351-VSEC/K9
APP UCS-EN120E-108/K9, UCS-EN120E-208/K9, UCS-EN120E-54/K9, UCS-EN120E-58/K9
NCS5500 NC55-18H18F,NC55-24H12F-SE, NC55-24X100G-SE, NC55-36X100G, NCS-5508
N9500 N9K-C9504-FM-E, N9K-C9508-FM-E, N9K-X9732C-EX
INDAPPL 1783-SAD2T2SBK9, 1783-SAD2T2SPK9, 1783-SAD4T0SBK9, 1783-SAD4T0SPK9, ISA-3000-2C2F-K9, ISA-3000-4C-K9
CNSWTCH MS350-24-HW, MS350-24P-HW, MS350-48-HW, MS350-48LP-HW, MS350-48FP-HW, MS350-24X-HW
ASALOW ASA5506H-K9, ASA5506H-SP-BUN-K9, ASA5506-K8, ASA5506-K9, ASA5506-SEC-BUN-K8, ASA5506-SEC-BUN-K9, ASA5506W-A-K9, ASA5506W-B-K9, ASA5506W-E-K9, ASA5506W-Q-K9, ASA5506W-Z-K9
ASAMID ASA5508-K8, ASA5508-K9, ASA5516-FPWR-K8, ASA5516-FPWR-K9