A message from our CEO on COVID-19.

Last Updated: 2021

Valued Customers and Partners,

At the start of 2020, I discussed how Tekscape is in a solid position, thanks to the hard work and focus put into play over the last few years to transition the company from product-based business to service-based business. Despite the COVID-19 crisis and its devastating impact on the world and our global business economy, I am proud to say that Tekscape’s stature has not changed.

Now, the importance of our transition will prove even more evident; as our competitors who have not taken the proper business, precautions will begin to struggle under the pressure of the declining economy. Before the pandemic, our society was already beginning to experience an acceleration of digitalization. The rise of e-commerce takeover and Amazon’s preeminence was increasingly pushed physical shops and department stores out of business. The post-COVID era will likely see that trend become, for better or worse, the new normality.

While Work-From-Home, flex-scheduling, and unlimited vacation were once simply nice-to-have perks for the more innovative companies, the future will find these work structures being acclimated to a greater magnitude. Tekcloud Workspace– Helping Customers Build a “New Sense of Normal” When Tekscape initially launched the “Tekcloud Workspace”, we did not expect adoption levels to reach such great heights. Previously, clients looked at WFH as a temporary option for the situation at hand. They did not foresee having to go back to the office in staggered capacity even after the quarantine was lifted. However, due to the concept of social distancing and its unexpected ramifications of becoming a long-term setup, employers must now address the crucial question: “How do I allow employees to work from home 100% of the time, and support them from a technological standpoint…forever?”With the ‘Hosted Desktops’ feature of Tekcloud Workspace, clients don’t have to worry about their hardware malfunctioning or breakage.

Tekscape provides the virtualization aspect, remote desktops, so employees can log in and do their work from wherever they are. Additionally, Tekcloud Workspace provides ARIA hosted phone system (Voice Over Internet Protocol), ARMA (cybersecurity and endpoint protection), and cloud hosting through Tekscape’s private Cloud server, TekCloud. All these services combine into one packaged workspace for the customer – to help them attain the most effective and secure remote working environment. Post pandemic, this type of workspace will become a necessity instead of a benefit.

Having learned a personal and business lesson myself about proper preparation from the events of Hurricane Sandy, I was more mentally prepared and ready to act this time around. I looked into the most effective ways to contain costs and leverage our resources; in the event, the entire country went under lockdown for the unforeseeable future, Tekscape would be able to stay afloat and ahead, despite mitigating circumstances.

Additionally, implementing proper disaster planning within the company meant that we could also support our clients during these difficult times and provide them the right solutions to leverage their recovery and protection planning. The pandemic has just accelerated our inevitable future of technological growth and adoption of virtualization and forced it to come together faster. Amid all of this, Tekscape continues to work, so that our clients can keep working as well.

The Tekscape team are in the final stretch of vaccinations and we are thankful this will enable us to ease our COVID-19 office restrictions as of April 2021.

Stay safe and be well.

Dave Smith
President & CEO

David Smith