Wireless Local Area Network

Maximize your business uptime and deliver consistent performance with business-critical operations. Tekscape can help you gain a network advantage that never stops growing.


Equip Your Organization with Managed Wi-Fi by Tekscape

In today’s work environments, the convenience of wireless devices has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Our wireless solution provides you with next-generation network technology to deploy a Wi-Fi infrastructure. Gain device flexibility, extended Wi-Fi reach, and scalability with WLAN Assign simple login credentials enable WLAN computing to happen anywhere, and support a wide range for your devices. Centralize, connect, and manage your network the way you want Handle your network LAN virtually. 

Wireless Technology Services

Optimize your wireless network
Our network architecture is optimized for high density environments were multiple devices are connected giving your user an exceptional wireless performance.

Simple and secure network
Deliver smart mobile connectivity with a unified access point, get insights from your network and deploy security everywhere by detecting threats and block attacks.

Personalize your services
By using location-based services, we are able to analyze visitor behavior and engage with mobile customers on a personal level.

Key Features Offer with our Wireless LAN Services

Centralized Management

Manage Wi-Fi deployments and distribute multi-site locations from a single location.

Application Visibility & Control

Find out which applications are being used and not used so you can prioritize what is necessary.

Identity-Based Firewall

Assign firewalls and traffic shaping rules so you can enforce the right policies.

Multigigabyte Ethernet

Take full advantage of your high-speed Wi-Fi with a single cable.

Network Analytics

Gain powerful metrics that help shape better decision making.

RF Optimization

Measure channel utilization, signal strength, and output.

Tekscape Case Study: The Wing

The project began to plan and design a wireless network that achieves the best coverage possible. Then, to identify the right access points that meet the shifts in demand without compromising service quality and speed. The Wing chose to use Cisco Meraki access points due to their efficient cost and flexibility. The analytics provided by these devices makes management and network optimization a much simpler, streamlined process.