Tekscape Case Study

Delmarva Corrugated Packaging

Project Overview


  • Manufacturing Company 


  • 200 – 500 Employees


  • Newark, New Jersey

Delmarva Corrugated Packaging is a leader in the corrugated box business in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. They are the sixth largest corrugated box manufacturer in the United States. With the success of their business and the need to expand their facilities, they needed to ensure the security of their data and communication systems.

Critical Issues Summary

Virtual Private Network

Instability with the VPN.

Phones & VOIP

Intermittent reports of poor voice quality.


Providing on and off premise support.


Protecting Delmarva’s operations with Tekscape Secure. 

In 2018, Delmarva Corrugated Packaging experienced two large scale cyberattacks. The first attack was executed with ransomware, specifically a crypto lock. The ransomware encrypted critical files and even prevented payroll from being run. Even after paying the ransom, they could not get their files unencrypted. This led to costly business downtime and put their customer data at risk. Delmarva was working with another managed service provider that assured them their security issues were fixed.

Unfortunately, Delmarva was hit with another major attack a few months later. Delmarva had to look for a different provider and they turned to Tekscape. After fixing the problems from the cyber attack, Delmarva also presented the problem of their communications being interrupted by network issues and system outages. Their phones also experienced poor voice quality and no audio. Because they were building new plants, they wanted to make sure they has access to consistent communication.

The Solutions

Tekscape tackled the problem of the ransomware attack first. They rebuilt the file server and structure and were able to restore all the data locked by the encryption. This would also avoid the possibility of data breaches reoccurring. Tekscape implemented its Tekscape Secure Security Stack that gave the plant endpoint protection, email protection, and web filtering. To fix the communication issue, Tekscape deployed its Tekscape Voice service to offer a VOIP, cloud hosted phone system. This allowed for consistent call quality which they used at their new facility. Tekscape also does off premise and on premise support at their physical plants.

The Outcome

Since the implementation of Tekscape Secure, Delmarva Corrugated Packaging has been protected, with no data breaches since 2018. Their phone systems have allowed for consistent, high quality calls. With using Tekscape for their IT needs, Delmarva has seen nothing but successful growth. They have also decreased their service requests by 10%. Tekscape is steps ahead with providing the best managed IT support for their clients.